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Who is this guy?

A Game Designer

Games for me create experiences and emotions unlike any other medium. It's my personal goal to create games that exceeds the trends and formulas that appear in the industry. I'm in it to make genuinely innovative, engaging experiences with great people.

A Leader

I've been naturally drawn to leadership since I was a kid organizing games to play in the culdesac. Bringing people together to make something is great; culturing a creative and productive team dynamic is effin' rad.

A Player

When I'm not making, odds are I'm playing -- well, studying really. Sometimes that means debating the best Smash Bros. character over beers, sometimes that means trying to dissect what exactly makes Mario 64 feel so damn buttery, and sometimes it means organizing my thoughts on a game in a spreadsheet. Whatever the method, I'm always looking to identify those bits of magic (or tragedy) that make games so compelling.

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