IncognitOwl was a project created in my 2nd year at UC Santa Cruz in conjunction with a course designed to teach gameplay programming in JavaScript. The game's hook lies in its 2 distinct gameplay phases -- a day phase in which players survey the area and secretly airdrop in tools, and a night phase in which they take to the ground and execute their sneaking missions using the area knowledge and tools supplied during the day phase.

On the project I handled design documentation, paper prototyping, dialogue writing, and level design. Continuing to iterate on these throughout development proved essential to minimizing the amount of work that needed to be re-done for the artists and engineers.

While the 2-phase system proved to be interesting, our budding JavaScript abilities paired with a 5-week development cycle held us back from exploring the concept deeper. That said, the result is still the type of fun, challenging, lighthearted experience we were all looking to create together.

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