KrabKlashers was a project born in an Intro to Software Engineering class at UC Santa Cruz. With the opportunity to create any type of software, I sought out any others in the class looking to develop a game and began pitching them the concept -- mechanical crabs with rocket claws duke it out in a high-speed melee brawler!

Being the first multiplayer (and 3D) game any of us had ever worked on, we knew we'd need to be smart with our time and resources if we wanted to bring it all together. Engineering focused on researching Unity plugins to ease the burden of networking, artists began researching and experimenting with 3D modeling and animation, and the design team (myself included) got to work on refining a lean gameplay loop that could be executed within the ~9 week time frame we were given. Once the loop was solid, design then began blocking out levels and tuning character movement.

A core component of the class was learning and executing the Scrum process. I took on the role of Scrum master in this case, which involved leading stand-up meetings and sprint plannings, along with maintaining and analyzing burndown charts for the project. Thanks to these processes, we were able to able to successfully develop an ambitious game project within such a short period of time.

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