A major component of my role on Marvel Powers United VR was helping design heroes to feel powerful and unique, while also maintaining a power balance. This included coordinating with engineers to get Spiderman's web slinging feeling fluid and intuitive, supercharging Captain Marvel's photonic light beams, and conveying the immense weight and power of Thor's Mjölnir.

During development we discovered that the Scoring System was returning lopsided scores, allowing certain heroes to effortlessly reach high scores while others struggled to achieve scores even half as high. In response, myself and another designer drafted and presented an alternative implementation that would allow for heroes of all different power sets to achieve similar scores. Upon approval we then collaborated with engineers to implement the new system, tuning it all the way up to release to ensure parity between skill and score across all heroes.

I also updated and maintained the library of breakable objects and environment weapons, creating base classes for them to derive from and coordinating with artists to ensure that new assets complied with the established system.

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