Shackle is a cooperative VR horror game, the result of our senior capstone project for the Game Design major at UC Santa Cruz. After successfully pitching and prototyping the concept independently, I was given the opportunity to interview fellow classmates and assemble a full development team to complete the project with.

As project lead I facilitated frequent meetings with both the core development team and remote contributors, led Scrum processes including sprint planning, review, and burndown charts, and took care to ensure that all team members felt heard and felt passionate about our project.

On the design front, I created and maintained the game's design document to provide a clear picture to teammates and professors. Additionally, I collaborated with the project's other level designer to create engaging and exciting co-op spaces that drove suspense and tested cooperation. Shackle went on to become a nominee for IndieCade 2016, and still remains one of my proudest accomplishments with one of my favorite teams.

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