What Do We Do Meow? is a narrative-driven adventure game following the turbulent relationship of 2 lovestruck cats trying to make a long distance relationship work. Developed over a weekend Global Game Jam 2015, the project was a fun and rewarding exercise of all of the game development skills we had honed up until this point.

With only 48 hours to work with, we jumped to the whiteboard to start planning. This included a storyboard to establish the overall narrative, a priority-ordered feature list with assignees, and a tentative schedule. Art, features, and story elements then began to pour in as we diligently moved through our lists. I took on implementing the game's cell phone interface, and participating in some shoddy, imitation-cat voice acting.

Before we knew it time was up, and left before us was a (surprisingly) finished game! Everyone's diligent work efforts combined with a thoughtful plan and reasonable scope let us accomplish something we were all really proud of.

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