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Figure out who exactly this "Hayden Platt" guy is.

A Game Designer

Games for me create experiences and emotions unlike any other medium. This passion paired with my love for computers has led me to a career in video game design. Currently leading a student project, it's my personal goal to create a game that exceeds the trends and formulas that appear in the industry. I'm in it to make genuinely innovative, engaging experiences with great people.

A Leader

I've been naturally drawn to leadership since I was a kid organizing games to play in the culdesac. Today, I've found myself leading small indie teams (and organizing Smash Bros. tournaments) whenever I get the chance. Bringing people together to make something is great; culturing a creative and productive team dynamic is phenomenal.

A Podcaster

While true that I'm a student at UC Santa Cruz, that's not the only place I do my learning. When I play games, I'm learning. When I lead projects, I'm learning. I've come to realize that I'll never know everything about games, but that's also what makes creating them so great. My title may change, but I'll always be a student with more to learn.

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